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Duel against live players in this 3D Fantasy Action Strategy game. Crush your opponents using skill and strategy in Dueling Blades! You can level up and advance your fully customizable 3D character with skills, armor, weapons and classes. Battle against live opponents in 1 vs 1 strategic combat and rise up in the Ranking System. Enjoy the story and battle against Bandits, Pirates, and the Undead whom threaten the peaceful village of Willowsbrook and raise your weapon against the tyranny of the corrupted kingdom in the single player challenges. Duel your friends or match up against similarly skilled opponents via the balanced matching system. Dueling Blades is brought to you by HourBlast Games and 6waves Lolapps.


Hourblast Games first title.


  • High quality 3D graphics
  • Engaging Player vs. Player real-time combat
  • Many different classes to choose from
  • High scores, ranking, weekly champions and much more


Samurai Class YouTube

Rogue Class YouTube

Ninja Class YouTube

Knight Class YouTube

Trailer YouTube


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About Goon Studios LLC

Goon Studios runs on a passion for making video games and the desire to break new ground within the realm of entertainment, ensuring we never compromise anything less than the height of creativity and expression, and developing awesome immersive entertainment. Like many developers in the games industry, we began as gamers glued to our controllers without an ounce of concern how making a living on a hobby could be possible.

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